About the Tournament

SYNERGY is a paid internship program that yields exceptional globally minded leaders through a strategic four pillar approach designed to cultivate strong professional skills and work ethics.

The four pillars include:
• Professional development     • Financial management
• Health and wellness                • Service growth

Students are placed in an internship opportunity within their field of interest. They receive mentorship and training, resulting in experience and exposure to the diverse talent pools entering the workforce, while giving young talent a taste of all that Central New York has to offer. Since 2012, the Golfless Tournament is the primary fundraising effort for SYNERGY.

What’s the “Golfless Tournament?” Quite simply, it’s the opportunity for interested sponsors to support the MercyWorks SYNERGY program. Instead of having your sponsorship recognized only by tournament participants, our SYNERGY interns will be making sure that your name goes “viral” through the use of social media, the web and other methods of promotion. Bottom line, your sponsorship will be recognized by hundreds of people, if not thousands.

To donate toward the Synergy 2019 Summer Internship, click Donate, complete requested information then scroll down to "Additional Information" and select "Golf Tournament" under Event.

Levels of Sponsorship

Full Week, Orientation Sponsor

HOLE-IN-ONE: $3,500+
Intern Sponsor

Full Day, Orientation Sponsor

EAGLE: $1,500+
Coaching & Networking
Intern Experiences

BIRDIE: $1,000+
Power Friday One, Day Sponsor

PAR: $500+
Intern Critical Needs Sponsor

GREEN: $300+
Power Friday Intern Lunch

TEE: $150+
Power Friday Supplies